Monday, 25 March 2013


The four week contract which LP took on in February has now run to six and there is no immediate end in sight.  In a way I'm not unhappy at this situation - the weather has been challenging so far this year and it's rather nice to have my weekday schedule mostly at my own control. We are, however, so very, very fortunate that his enthusiasm for seeing Bag End, if not finished (is any garden ever finished?), mostly completed remains undimmed and he's champing at the bit to get back.

His solution to the current scheduling 'conflict' is to do a full day (which begins at 7.30 and ends around 4.00) and then start work in the garden as soon as he can get here.

On Monday he arrived at 4.30 and despite the bitter cold immediately set to moving soil.  Accomplishing more in 40 minutes than I could achieve in a week, he pulled out the largest stones and roughly levelled the soil heap near the Big Pond.  Something of a miracle that it has only been in place for a month - normally things sit around here for much, much longer before they're dealt with!  Weather permitting we will soon be able to finish preparing this soil and turf the whole area.

Attention then turned to the Cottage Garden.  All the rubbish was raked out of what will be our new front bed and set aside for a bonfire.  LP then made a start on digging out the soil in our working area.  The soil gets piled into the bottom of the front bed as we start another 'lasagne bed' build up, and the cleared working area will have black membrane and bark chips to give me a mud-free surface to move around on.

I made LP stop digging at 7.00 and do something else - I have yet to meet the man who is not a pyromaniac deep down inside when given the opportunity to have a garden bonfire.

He left at 7.45 and all the rubbish was gone!


So there I am, chuntering on to myself, but it would be lovely to hear from you.

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