Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Continued enthusiasm

LP obviously didn't get cold enough when we finished in the dark last night and came back again for more.  This time he started at 4.00 and was having 'one of those days' when he sets to with his spade like a thing possessed.

Barrow after barrow of big heavy wedges of soil, not exactly turves (not enough grass) and not loose either.  By the time it was too dark to do any more he'd completely cleared the section between the greenhouse and log pile ready for me to lay black membrane and bark chips.

Having the sods over more than half of the new front bed also means I can start to spread the old half-rotted bark chip and the new shredded stuff that's already breaking down and building up heat. There's a lot of nearly composted pony poo to be added as well. It's starting to look as if we might need to buy in considerably less top soil for this section than we expected :}


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    1. Looks even better now, I got the bark chip on yesterday - but blog is not up to date :}


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