Saturday, 30 March 2013

A sense of achievement

Much as I love creating our Bag End garden there are many times when it's as frustrating as hell.  I go out to do a job and have to give up half way through - either the weather turns, I don't have the strength to lift/carry/chop whatever needs attention or more usually the task is just too big to be accomplished in one session.

Unusually however, today was not one of those days.   The plan was to rake off the ground next to the greenhouse, lay black membrane and move chippings.  And that's what I did :}  Management was working in the garage and filled most of the tubs for me which saved a lot of shovelling, and using the tractor and trailer meant I could take six huge tubs of material each trip, it was surprising just how fast I got done.

Still time to do a little more so, almost a year after Extreme Pond Planting*, the top pond finally got it's edges finished.  I was going to use the reed screen to cover the liner edges but it's not the easiest stuff to work with.  Bit of lateral thinking and I unearthed a roll of hanging basket liner from the back of the shed.  (Last year I had such Grand Plans for the baskets which hang over the balcony but thanks to the endless rain and non-existent summer they came to nothing, hence handy materials which just happen to be laying around!)  Basket liner over the edge, black membrane up to the logs, and a few more tubs of chippings.  Did the section under the bird feeders as well and when moving the old stuff found dozens of buried hazelnuts.

I'm putting a stone edge to stop the chippings being kicked into the water and we're going to plant ivy and other ground cover directly through the basket liner to fill in the edge - well, that's the plan :}

* which, worryingly, is still sitting in the Draft folder - hey ho, it will see light of day eventually :}


  1. That chippings mountain must be shrinking by now.

    Sounds like the squirrel had been busy too.

  2. Is looking good and I can imagine the squirrels hiding the nuts. I must admit that I tire more easily these days, though I have a few more years on you. Hope the weather holds while you finish a few more jobs.

  3. Sue, mountain has reduced but not by much :}

    Susan, damn inconvenient this getting older lark, isn't it :}


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