Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Short stroll

The problem with getting in the habit of going fellwalking is that it becomes a habit which is rather missed when weather/colds/house renovations get in the way.

Daisy and I had a quick bimble up Sale Fell on Tuesday morning.  Might not have been a smart move because I sat on the little bench at the Lothwaite summit and wondered how unreasonable it would be to ask someone from Mountain Rescue to escort me back to the car.  The bug that is "doing the rounds" just will not go away and returns a couple of times a week in the guise of leaden legs, a headache and far too much sneezing for my liking.  Needless to say I did make it to the top of Sale and back to the car under my own steam.

I realised that in all the times Daisy and I have walked here, I am yet to follow exactly the same route twice, which is probably why we keep coming back.  It would have been easy to wimp-out today and not do the walk but I'm very glad I didn't take the easy option :}


  1. Take it easy, get well and your strength back, please.

    1. Thanks Susan, six weeks seems about the general course for this bug if neighbours are anything to go by. Guess I've another fortnight to go!

  2. I'm beginning to worry: do you get good 'phone reception out on your very-lonely walks? Seems accident or illness with no one around would be very unsettling. Take care, dear.

  3. Maybe as Daisy gains strength you could train her to pull a sled. Maybe a bit bumpy though.

  4. Kris raises a good 'safety' point on 'what if you can't get phone signal/help?', but suspect that you are of the mindset that says you prepare d*mn well for all foreseeable eventualities, and it's amazing what you can do if you have no option but to do it yourself.

    As an aside, I'm amazed when I see 'helplessness' as an accepted and acceptable state in - mostly (but not wholly) - the younger generation when there is a paralysis of 'OMG!!!', and an assumption that someone will 'sort it out'. What happened to self reliance and knuckling down to deal with things?

    Mind you, I don't suggest that you go putting yourself in the situation that you have to chew your own arm off, or something ;-)

    Er ... would someone give me a hand down from this 'ere soapbox......?


  5. Thank you all, but worry not :}

    Kris, phone reception is patchy to non-existent out in the hills and that's just why so many of us like escaping to lovely empty places. Hazel is quite right that I go out well prepared. Sale Fell is just a two hour dog-walk although I do carry a little food, extra gloves, hat, etc., and a few other bits and pieces, and it's a busy enough place that a twisted ankle wouldn't leave me stranded for long.

    For longer walks in 'properly' remote places I have a simple solution - I'm prepared, have necessary kit with me, and someone always knows where I've gone and to raise an alarm if they don't get a phone call/text by a given time. That doesn't mean accidents couldn't happen but if you never put yourself in a situation where something 'might' go wrong you'd never get out of bed in the morning.

    You only have to look through the outdoor/walking forums online to see how many MRT callouts are from idiots without the right clothes/shoes/etc., who have no map and phone for help when they get in a muddle. I'm all for keeping the fells free and open to all but there truly are some idiots around.

    Hazel, seems there is room on your box for more than one :}


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