Saturday, 16 February 2013

Reverting to Plan A?

Plan A has always been to plant proper hedges around Bag End to give us privacy, provide lots of safe places for birds and to act as a windbreak.  There once was a Pre-Plan A where the planting was a mixed native hedgerow but this idea has been largely replaced by evergreens.  And then we had the "Mr Clutter" incident, he was unhappy that he couldn't see anything due to the leylandii we inherited with the house, and now they're gone he is unhappy because he can see into our garden.  So Plan A became Plan B which was to have a tall willow fedge at the fence line, then the usual bark path for access, and then an evergreen hedge about a metre in from the boundary.

LP and I had a fun hour on Friday afternoon cutting down the willow from our friend's beck and the intention (see, I don't say Plan, that's a 4-letter word!) was that I'd spend the next few days creating another fedge.  Until a vitally important bit of information crept back to the brain cell which was paying attention - the bit of info which said "the water main for the entire estate runs parallel to our back fence, about a metre away" ... and in all conscience I cannot knowingly plant willow so close to a water pipe, it's asking for trouble. 

It feels like whatever we consider doing to mitigate the problem of Mr Clutter being able to see our garden fails (two layers of windbreak netting?) so s*d him, if he doesn't like the fact that his elevated position gives him a view into Bag End he can ruddy well lump it.  The willow will not go to waste - Management and I had a Design Consultation (ie: bit of a chat before bedtime!) and have decided that we'll probably use it around the front corner, beyond the Big Pond, which is the area that gets hit most badly by the wind and needs more protection than anywhere else.

So now I have three bins full of willow that will have to wait a few days whilst I get myself organised.

In other news ... on Friday LP moved paving slabs off the driveway and timber off the vegetable patch.  For a brief while (all of two hours) it was lovely and clear - until we put three wheelie bins full of willow all over it.  He also fixed up more larch slab at the back of the garden so that we can eventually extend the bark path along all of the back fence.

The Woodwork Wizard fitted timber for the Boot Room curtain rails to go on, built us a lovely, sturdy boot rack, installed architrave around the door, the frame for our window seat-cum-storage unit and made a good start on skirting board.  Unfortunately on Saturday morning I realised the architrave (which was bigger than I wanted, but the size WW said it needed to be) fouls the door hinges and we can now only open the lovely door 4/5ths of the way.  Conversation with WW means I know it will be taken off and fixed on Monday but that doesn't stop me being far more niggled by it than I should be :{

Definitely some grumpy ripples in the Universe this weekend and I'd like them to go away.  Positive Mental Attitude required, please send surplus my way.  Whilst I'm waiting for it to arrive, Daisy and I are off to Whinlatter.


  1. I glanced at the first photo before reading, and thought "Good grief! I don't remember plans for a stream THAT big at Bag End" ;-)

  2. If Mr Clutter is unhappy let him plant something! Whatever you do he seems to be the type who wouldn't like it.

  3. Roddie, sorry to worry you, this beck is a mile up the road :}

    Sue, you should see his (very small) garden - very few plants tightly pruned with bare soil between them, lawn edges manicured to within an inch of their lives, everything "perfect", regimented. Compared to that, Bag End must be a nightmare for him. We had a couple of ideas to make it harder to see in which haven't worked, and you're right, we're not going to bother any more.

    1. Oh dear he wouldn't like ours either. You would think having a very small garden he'd move looking into yours - it should be the other way round - you protecting your privacy!

  4. There always seems to be one neighbour who is niggly and we have 7 neighbours and "most" are good. Love how everything is coming along. Too hot and dry here to do much except early in the morning.

    1. Wherever we live it seems we want to change the weather :}


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