Sunday, 17 February 2013

Restoring equilibrium

What on earth was going on with Saturday?  I blame the Russian meteor and asteroid 2012/DK14.  Despite strenuous attempts to stop thinking about it, the problem with the door moulding bugged me all day.  I know it can be fixed, I know by Monday morning I will have had WW remove it but the damn problem nagged at me and would not go away.  Strike one.

Daisy and I went up to Whinlatter and found the Spout Force car park completely full of badly parked vehicles.  I drove a little further up the lane to where I knew I could turn round easily and found a marshall for a 'classic car rally'.  He was at pains to reassure me that I could leave Hattie and have a walk in the woods, and completely unable to comprehend that my idea of a quiet fell walk did not include elderly smelly cars bombing around forest roads and having to keep Daisy on a lead at all times.  Strike two.

Instead I drove a couple of miles down a narrow gated road to Hopebeck and we had a lovely walk up the valley.  This was a favourite place to take Ollie and Daisy seemed to enjoy herself just as much as The Hairy One did.  It was surprisingly mild (no wind) and she was getting too warm in her big coat.  In a moment of unusual braveness, she even came close enough to the beck at one point to take water out of my hands - no way she was getting near enough to drink directly out of the stream, even though she was thirsty, daft dog!

  Boxing Day 2008

   "I'll stay in here as long as you like if you're going to keep chucking biscuits at me!"

Thankfully the post-walk soak in a bath was without incident but dinner was not.  We probably have a takeaway once, maybe twice, a year.  Management collected what should have been a lovely Chinese from Bamboo in Market Place.  It wasn't - last time we ate in the restaurant the standards had definitely slipped and we won't be having takeaway from them again.  Strike three.

Thankfully, Sunday was an entirely different prospect and the sun rose to an almost cloudless sky.  Daisy and I set foot on Sale Fell less than two hours after escaping the clutches of my duvet.  For someone who has increasing difficulty getting going in the mornings that's something of an achievement.  We had a gorgeous but unusual walk.  The gorgeous weather had brought everyone out and we must have seen more than 50 people and 20 dogs on our circuit.  That's easily ten times more than we might normally expect to meet.  Remind me to go somewhere more isolated next time I want a fell walk on a sunny Sunday :}

  Someone's ears were suffering from wind-rock :}

Some pond dipping in the afternoon - blanket weed has already started to form in the Top Pond so I collected piles of pond snot which can drain for a couple of days before becoming compost fodder.


  1. Why do come days start and end on a low? The walks still sound lovely and getting out is good for both you and Daisy.

  2. Sorry, that come is supposed to be some.

  3. Susan, I try very hard not to 'allow' gnarly days to get away from me. I think they can be like tropical storms - they generate their own energy. The best way to nip 'em in the bud is to try and ignore the irritation and go and do something lovely ... great words, easy to say, not always quite so simple to implement :}

  4. Lovely to see Daisy enjoying the same walks which Ollie did. I've just come across some of Ollie's sunflower seeds in my stash, they'll be sown again this year.

    1. Hi Jo, those sunflower seeds get everywhere :} Hope they still germinate for you, not sure how long they stay viable.

  5. Isn't it great to see bright blue sky complete with a happy waggy tail


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