Sunday, 3 February 2013

Real Sewing

A lovely Sunday;  bimble around, spend much time in the sewing room.

The Single Irish Chain top is finished.  I'm not going to put borders on, I don't need it any larger (or rather, Daisy does not need it any larger) and I want to move onto something else.

Haven't been terribly successful at using up the layer cake and other co-ordinating fabrics ...

Look again at that picture, specifically the top left-hand corner of it.  My little 'wall of shame' and today's Mission ("should you choose to accept it") is to try and sort out way too many stacking baskets.  Some of them contain pure scraps, some contain projects which became derailed, abandoned, or I just gave up on because I didn't like them.  It's not a pretty sight ...

(especially as there are other 'abandoned projects' in the main cupboards, and the wooden towel rail contains some UFOs too).

A few hours later - some little projects which I think I might get back to have been tidied up and properly labelled.  Baksets which only contain fabric scraps are back on the shelf.  There are still some 'orphan' baskets on the table waiting for attention :}

These diamond log-cabin blocks were a good idea that isn't going to make it past the first set, shame I already cut so many strips ... Playing with different layouts, those two burgundy-red strips on the left are going to have to be replaced.

There's a part of me that doesn't really want to do this - much more fun to start something new, again!  Trouble is, that's what got me into this mess in the first place.  I'll finish up a couple of little projects then I can launch into a new one :}


  1. Now I am intrigued. I don't know that I've ever seen that particular string pattern. Would you please tell me what it is?

    It truly is lovely, though, and the quilt will be stunning when completed. Hang in there.

    1. FFG, if you mean the diamond log cabin blocks then they don't come from any pattern other than my head. I have a diamond template which I used to cut the centre floral and the rest is just 2" strips. The sections are big - 24" from point to point.

  2. Great diamonds, especially the first two versions. Maybe one day!
    BTW, have you been in my studio, as their is a certain cabinet sitting on your shelves, that is actually sitting on my floor. I can't believe it. Will post later and put a photo on with the others. Also love the Irish Chain.

    1. Susan, my little chest came from the local auction house at the end of last year. Must get round to painting it ...

  3. I love your diamond Log Cabin blocks. Just whack a couple of borders on, and bingo, finished. Although I do agree about those 2 rogue strips.

    1. Sue, I was going to 'whack a couple of borders on' but then I got to thinking ... "what if" as you do ... and you should see some changes in the next quilting post! (And don't worry, there is no plan, no EQ6, no pattern, I'm winging it completely!)

      Those two dark strips are already gone :}


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