Friday, 1 February 2013

Real Gardening

Management working at home, joiner working in the boot room, LP working on his own house renovation so Daisy and I were able to spend a very pleasant few hours outside working in the Coppice.

Nothing particularly spectacular in a horticultural sense - cutting back dead and soggy foliage from last year, raking up leaves that had fallen on the path, a general pre-season tidy-up.

The pulmonaria are doing really well, the clumps have bulked up a huge amount since being planted less than a year ago.  They really seemed to like the wet summer last year as the plants never got their usual late-season mildew.  It is noticeable that the ones planted immediately above the roots of the silver birch tree (where it's much drier) are half the size of the others.

The hellebores are doing really well too, how on earth do you photograph the blooms once they open?

Foxgloves grown from seed last year, and I think these primroses are from the seed which Sue at Green Lane Allotments sent.

It was warm when the sun came out and it's lovely to see Daisy so relaxed just soaking up the rays!  Unfortunately she is becoming really hard to photograph - as soon as she senses I am looking at her she gets up and comes to me.

She also wandered around 'her' garden, asked to play ball a lot and continued her habit of walking onto the beds.  It's not been a problem up to now, but with winter aconites & snowdrops starting to peep above the soil and other plants growing soon I need to try and teach her the difference between paths and plants (hollow laugh).  She's already broken numerous plant labels by walking over them, soft emerging shots stand no chance.

I knew there was a reason I kept all the willow rods which didn't fit in the fedge ... now completely dry they've been cut into 2 foot lengths and hammered in either side of the path.  In a perfect world I would have the materials and time to weave willow through them to make an attractive barrier.  This is not a perfect world . . .

The tape doesn't look quite as bad in real life as in the photos and Daisy has already jumped over it to see someone walking along the footpath. However, when we're just pottering around it is working.

Boot Room progress:  new windowsills, hole in floor patched up, sink unit and shelves finished.


  1. My pulmonaria really loved all the wet last year too and have become unrecognisable as the same plants which usually struggled to survive. (Well they were until the rabbits decided that they were good to eat when it was snowy.)

    Daisy will hopefully soon get the idea that you are not happy when your beloved plants get trampled on.

  2. Me again ,,, thinking of planting a new hedge where we have widened the drive and wondering what to get. I loved my beech hedge that we had to take out but wouldn't mind a change. I have a feeling that you had an escallonia hedge but seem to think you got rid of it. Am I right ,,, Any ideas! It will be on the south side of woodland on very dry sandy soil ,,, well unless it is like last year for rainfall!!!

  3. LL, so now we know that pulmonaria really don't like to be dry in summer which is the advice I was always given ...

    The Daisy-barrier is working well - most of the time! Will write/phone you about hedges.

  4. Replies
    1. Just to add - it helps with photography if the hellebores are at a higher level as in our garden. Otherwise it will have to be flat out and looking up!

    2. Sue, the primroses are just starting to flower, will try to get better pictures of them than I've managed with the hellebore!


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