Thursday, 7 February 2013

Lovely lazy week

An indulgent week, I've been busy but it has felt almost lazy because I have done things I wanted to rather than what I had to.  It was no accident that we've had no tradesmen here;* whilst I am keen to have the boot room and kitchen finished and there is always work for LP to get on with outside, sometimes I really don't want anyone here, I just want to be.

On Monday Daisy and I went to Sale Fell.  The weather forecast for the week was atrocious so a morning walk was scheduled in case it was our last chance to get outside properly for a few days.  It was dry, and not too cold but I hadn't expected it to be quite so windy.  We went round Sale Fell rather than up it - the wind at Lothwaite (lower summit) was so strong that both of us had trouble walking against it - we'd have stood no chance on the top.

     It looks so benign, even a little blue sky, but it was blowing a hooley!

The expected snowfall never reached us so Daisy and I tried for the summit again on Wednesday (sounds like a bloomin' Everest expedition!).  We made it but conditions weren't pleasant - an icy gale which sent us off the summit and down into Chapel Woods for a slightly protected return to the car.  There was a little snow on the top and you'd think, given how much Daisy hates getting wet, that this would have been avoided at all costs.  You'd think wrong - Madam cavorted on the frozen bits like a thing possessed.  Snow fever, plus charging around with a little Patterdale Terrier who we've bumped into before meant that she was extremely tired for the rest of the day.

The rest of the week I've been gloriously messing around in the sewing room.  Made some decisions about long-standing unfinished work which included chucking a few small bits in the bin - very liberating!  A trapunto quilt that really needed some applique on it has been given to Daisy.  I rationalised that I did the quilting 6 or 7 years ago and still haven't finished the damn thing so why have it continually hanging over me?  Move on  - and Her Ladyship finds it very snuggly, thank you.

The six diamond log cabin blocks that "were a good idea which isn't going any further" suddenly had a reprieve - and I've spent a great deal of time making twelve more (yes, 12!)   One more session at the machine and I will have 18 large blocks ready to go :} 

I had a brief session in the garden on Thursday morning when it was bright and dry.  As soon as these stones are out of the way the skip can go.  45 minutes later I was on the phone to LP to check whether he was available tomorrow ....  Thankfully he is and HE can deal with all the stones I piled up in 2010 and 2011 because I didn't know what else to do with them and I can get to the weekend without a ruined back.

* I lied - the plumber came in briefly on Monday morning but I was out so Management took care of it.  The washing machine waste got altered and finally we can have the two laundry machines on top of each other and facing the same way ... sounds silly but it makes a difference.


  1. Sounds like your perfect week somehow.

  2. We're inundated with workmen and lots of activity as they are laying a new gas main - chaos all around.


  3. Good week by the sound of it and I can't wait to see what you do with those blocks.

  4. Hmmm.... wonder where all those stones are going. And are you sure you're not just re-posting the same picture of "Daisy, at the fire"? over and over? ;-D

    Hope you're having a go at putting your feet up too, my dear.

    1. Kris, most of the stones went in the skip, we kept just the rounded river cobbles as they are suitable for the ponds.

      I promise they are all different Daisy pics and yes, I am relaxing in front of the fire too.


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