Saturday, 23 February 2013

If you want to get ahead, get a hat

Seen around Threlkeld on Thursday afternoon.  There were more, but it was cold and I wanted to go home and get that hot chocolate :}


  1. You can't leave it at that! What do the hats mean? Who put them there - are there hatless children wandering all over the fells??

  2. What do the hats mean?

    No idea sweetie, unless it means the Martians have landed and are disguised as finger posts. Seeing as Cumbria is definitely colder than Mars, they're feeling a mite chilly?

    1. unless it means the Martians have landed and are disguised as finger posts

      Brilliant! Funniest comment of the year!:-D

  3. I was wondering the same as Hazel, but also thought I wouldn't be leaving my hat if it was that cold.

  4. Oh, now that's simply marvelous! Somebody got a chuckle from doing that, I bet.

  5. Beautiful countryside behind those fingerposts, but it does look cold enough for them to keep their hats on!

  6. That must be the best yarn bombing I've seen yet - love it!

  7. I wonder if that is where Martyn's lost hat ended up - have to say though those are not his style!

  8. OK, I was sure I'd replied to some of these comments .....

    thank you all, it certainly gave me a good laugh, I even started thinking about making quilted ones :}


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