Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A little Hiccup (or, another 'Plan' that didn't work out)

It should have been so simple - have Geoff come by one evening on his way home and use the small digger to remove all the stumps from the vegetable patch.  We knew the digger would fit because that's the one he used to excavate the pathway 18 months ago.

What we didn't factor in was that 18 months ago there was no scaffold board edging along the path and no 4" post supporting a big trellis.  Or that the gap was now 120cm which is plenty big enough for my red tractor, and even our friend's quad bike if necessary, but not for a midi excavator which is 140 cm wide ...

Fortunately he and LP had not made a wasted journey and we used the time available to dig out the remainder of the main path.  There's a recently purchased roll of black membrane waiting to be pegged down and fingers crossed our trusty tree surgeon is working locally next week and has promised a couple of loads of fresh bark chip.

So it wasn't a completely wasted afternoon, and we completed a task that needed doing (and gained a big pile of soil which will be spread behind the Big Pond to level out the ground), but it leaves LP with the task of removing an awful lot of stumps next weekend.  As he headed off for his tea he said he was quite looking forward to it ...


  1. LP looking forward to his tea or stump moving?? Lol

    1. ROFLOL ! !

      Thanks Amanda, believe it or not, he was looking forward to the stump removal ("you don't have to be mad to work here, but if you are it helps")

  2. I hope by now the stumps have gone - I keep missing posts and arriving late to the party - sorry!

    1. My fault for posting out of chronological order as I try to get caught up. Still holding stump grinder 'hostage' so I know they'll go eventually :}


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