Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Wild, wet, windy and woodwork

We've finally found a carpenter/joiner who we like, trust and who talks to us and does what we want, rather than what he thinks we want.  The fact that he's a mate of Wayne, our builder, and lives in the village helps too.  Before Christmas he built the half wall behind the sink and came back on Monday to panel it and utilise the angled back of the corner cupboard to make a Daisy shelf.  Mad to many people but there was nowhere in the kitchen to safely put her water.  Go on, how many times have you accidentally kicked the dog's water all across the kitchen floor?  Management had the idea of using spare worktop for the shelf and it looks brilliant, we'll paint the timber eventually but for now it's an order of magnitude better than what was there before even if it does look like the inside of a sauna.

Whilst the Woodwork Wizard did his stuff, LP and I installed the windbreak netting across the back fence.  We thought we would be clever and use a double layer, partly to give us more privacy and partly to obscure the view that Mr Clutter dislikes.  We got finished just as a horrendous storm blew in; it wasn't cold but the rain was the sort that is wetter than usual and the winds were frightening.  Rather than come in like sensible people LP and I had to set to and take DOWN the netting we'd just installed.  The section near the shed is fine because that area gets some shelter from the house and garden buildings.  The section nearest the Coppice is the part of the garden which gets thrashed the most and it was obvious that we'd created a sail and the whole fence was going to come down.

There was a deeply unpleasant 20 minutes whilst I stood upwind of the fence leaning against it with every ounce of strength, heels 6" into the muddy ground to brace myself whilst LP worked as fast as possible with cold wet hands to unscrew it all.  At least we could laugh about the fact that he's never been paid to put up netting and then paid to take it all down again in the same morning.

The weather for the rest of the week isn't forecast to be any better so LP and I will not be making any more progress to clear ground for the vegetable patch or next willow fedge. 

On Tuesday the Woodwork Wizard moved the boot room sink and cupboard, including freeing the sink from old worktop and fitting it into new.

I'm struggling not to go down with this dreadful cough/cold that has taken a firm hold of Management's chest and lungs and have bimbled around trying not to mind about boots, coats, sinks and timber everywhere except where it should be.  A few minutes here and there with the sewing machine helped to calm the nerves.  By Wednesday evening all the blocks for this Single Irish Chain were pieced, just got to sew the top together now.

I could have done without the rain getting into the new outside light switch on Tuesday night ...  Long story short, the switch was really hot (and seeing as it's outside and heavily insulated it shouldn't be!), couldn't work out which breaker in the fuse box needed switching off so called our electrician.  Bless him, he came straight round and found that the insulation had failed and the inside of the switch was full of water ..... he made it all safe and came back on Wednesday to fix it.

The plumber put the taps and waste into the sink and as we'd finally located the radiator brackets was able to put the towel rail on the end wall.

Her Ladyship has had a couple of walks down by the river but I think both of us are ready for a longer walk somewhere more interesting. She is more confident near water than she was but still very dubious about going too close to the edge.


  1. The wind's terrible here today, as it was yesterday. I hate windy weather, I'm always frightened that it will pick something up and drop it on my head, or that a roof tile will fall on me. Archie's a little tinker near water, we have to put him on his lead otherwise he'll jump in. He love's rock pools, but not quite so keen on the sea in case a wave splashes over his head, though he does paddle and wade until this happens. I love the Daisy shelf, great idea, and Daisy won't get a bad back stooping down to drink.

  2. Hi Jo, the wind used to really frighten me here until we cut all those damn Leylandii down and bit the bullet and had a new roof.

    Ollie was the same as Archie near water - I think he was part otter!

    I've always put food and water for large dogs on a stool or box, I'm sure it's better for them.

  3. A very hectic time - but love the Daisy shelf

    1. Thanks Sue. I keep telling myself "it will all be worth it" .....


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