Sunday, 27 January 2013


A very relaxing weekend.  Bimbled around on Saturday morning and then spent the rest of the day working on my latest quilt.  For the first time in a very long while the sewing room set-up seemed to 'work' and a great deal was accomplished.  I discovered it is possible to have Sky TV running on the laptop so was able to half concentrate on a rerun of NCIS that I've probably already seen four times whilst Daisy got herself settled under the table.  She was out of the way enough not to be stood on, but could look out of the window when she wanted to.

Didn't make as much progress on Sunday because I was tired, sewed one block, unpicked half of it, sewed it correctly then decided to stop before I did something really stupid ;}

I was tired because Daisy and I had a lovely walk at Whinlatter this morning. There was a hell of a storm last night dumping another 12mm of rain on us with extremely high winds.  It wouldn't even have been possible to get up Sale Fell today without being blown over so we walked up from Spout Force on the Aitken Beck path.  Normally I'm no fan of walking in woods, especially conifers but it seemed OK today and we had shelter for much of the time.

Daisy is taking a great interest in her new surroundings.

Those ears aren't getting any smaller :}

As we headed back to the car there was a rare but welcome glimpse of blue sky!

First daffodils of the year seen in Lorton on the way home.


  1. Talking of those fabulous ears... do I recall that you were getting a DNA(?) test done to establish Daisy's pedigree?

    It's lovely to see the way she is progressing at Bag End.

    1. Hi Roddie, lovely to hear from you. Your recall is, as always, 100% correct. Daisy's DNA results arrived before Christmas but the 'reveal' is a victim of continuing blog lag, thanks for the gentle reminder .....

    2. I wondered why I could hear a faint drumroll...

  2. As you know, I haven't read your blog for a while, so imagine my surprise when I look in today and find that you've got a new four legged friend, I'm absolutely thrilled for you. I've been scrolling back to read the posts from when she came to live with you, and have had tears in my eyes reading her story, poor little Daisy. Still, she's landed on her feet now as she couldn't have asked for a better home with any more love than she'll get at Bag End. She's absolutely gorgeous, and as for her ears, well, we love big ears, just look at Archie's!

    1. Welcome back Jo, lovely to have you hear.

      Thanks for your lovely words about Daisy, she is loved to bits and spoiled rotten, which is just as it should be! Archie looks like he has been enjoying himself in the snow - Ollie used to get all 'snowballed' like that and it can be a devil to get out.


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