Thursday, 17 January 2013

The new normal?

A fairly normal day today, but worth recording because my 'new normal' as a result of the Daisy effect* is really pretty bloomin' amazing, and I don't take it for granted.

A later start than I would have liked, but earlier than a lot of days recently, so that's progress.  Check email, empty the dishwasher, top up the bird feeders, try to defrost a bit of the pond, tidy up a little, and then Daisy and I were off to Sale Fell by 10.30.  It was flippin' freezing when we arrived with a brisk breeze.  One of those "lazy" winds - can't be bothered to go round so goes straight through you.  1 hour 40 minutes to do just under 3 miles although Daisy probably covered twice the distance.

So I'm trying to take an arty macro picture of the ice and Daisy decides I'm ignoring her ...

The view we were denied last week.

This sky makes it look like the day was much brighter than it really was.

Her Ladyship is over on the left by a gorse bush.  She continues to respond very well to a short blast with the whistle.

Back home, quick chat with a friend who'd left a phone message, lunch, then apologise to Daisy for leaving her alone and off to Cockermouth.  Errands have to be run - shoes to mender, watch strap repaired, local eggs from the pet shop, quick flit into Sainsbury's and then home.

By the time I'd unpacked the car, played with Daisy in the garden, put the dustbins out, had a go at straightening the inside of my car (which is looking increasingly like a midden thanks to Daisy and odd bits of walking gear which now seem to live in the back of Hattie) it was gone 4.30 and nearly dark.

Put shopping away, have a cuppa, light woodburner, sit quietly with the laptop for an hour and browse blogs (other people's, have to be on the Mac to work on my pictures), then it's time to fix some supper.

In the evening - I ought to do some ironing, answer a few emails, maybe have a go at my blog-lag, but my teeth have hurt all day from getting absolutely freezing this morning and it's giving me a headache.  All I want to do is curl up on the sofa with Daisy and watch an hour's TV before bed .....

* thanks James, still giggling about that.


  1. Apart from the tooth ache bit, that sounds like a great day. Mind you, you did well to find something worth watching on TV!

    1. It was a lovely day Sue, and I appreciate how fortunate I am to be doing this.

      BTW, there was stuff-all on TV - I watched something I'd recorded earlier in the week.

  2. I love the photo of Daisy - very nonchalant

    1. Thanks Sue. What was actually going on (in Daisy World) was "you're concentrating on something that's not me so I am going to stick my head right where you don't want it and then you can't ignore me!

    2. Our part time dog does the same thing except being small she nudges her was up onto laps.

    3. don't think Daisy is too big to try that!

  3. Well, it doesn't take a genius to see that she's had a profound effect on you - all for the better too.

  4. I think Daisy has triggered the start of the healing process.


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