Friday, 11 January 2013

Soil shifting

In September 2011 LP and I created a huge loam stack when the first bark path was created which has now rotted down into good soil.  I have wanted it moved for some time but the weather has been against us.  Fortunately, today LP was in the mood to start the year's tasks with some heavy work.

I didn't take the outside photos until Sunday (by which time the weather had changed) but in five hours on Friday he was able to move all of the large heap plus spread a smaller pile near the bottom gates.  We're building up the soil level behind the Big Pond and this will be turfed as soon as it has settled and the weather is right for creating a new lawn.  It's going to make a humongous difference - really looking forward to doing this.

LP did at least 90% of the work but I helped a bit, as evidenced by the state of my gardening trousers at the end of the day:}


  1. And of course Daisy helped too. Her weight is really coming on isn't it?

    1. Oh yeah, Daisy is good at "helping"! Must weigh her today.


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