Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snow day or slow day?

Management went down with a dreadful cough/cold at the weekend, on Monday he was one of four consultants on his current project who didn't make it to the office.  I've also got it but thankfully not as badly so today has very much been "slow day".  Not so much a riverside walk this morning as riverside trudge, although it was much brighter than yesterday and the sky was even trying out a few blue tones.

More cogitating and playing in the afternoon as I try and decide upon fabrics for a new quilt.  It's funny how things creep up on you when least expected.  At the weekend I saw my friend QuiltSue was co-hosting an informal 'quiltalong' dedicated to making a gorgeous quilt pattern called Country Charmer.  Before I knew it, wham, I was "in" and had committed to making this lovely design.  I haven't really felt like working with fabric for the best part of three years but all of a sudden the enthusiasm is back and it has taken very little time for the sewing room table to be strewn with possible fabric choices.

I unearthed a pile of strips cut from a Moda Layer Cake, Simplicity, which were going to be something .... that never happened, plus a Jelly Roll which I have no recollection of acquiring that matches. Months ago I started to strip piece to make 4-patch units and didn't get very far but I still have a fancy to make a pale, pastel quilt.  Unlike anything I've made before and totally daft when Daisy isn't averse to jumping on the bed if she thinks she can get away with it. 

I don't normally bother to blog about this part of the quilt process but I'm doing it to stave off the stagnation that so often happens at this point and a great idea doesn't even get as far as the cutting board, let alone progress enough to become a UFO.  The quilt needs one strong fabric and red seemed the obvious choice, just need to decide which one.  If asked I would say I don't like red but it does seem to appear in an awful lot of my quilts ...

Photos always help me see how different fabrics will look when pieced.  Sleeping Beauty is under the table.  I thought it would take Daisy a while to realise that this newly created bed was a good place to curl up, she's close to me but safe from being stepped on. I regularly underestimate how smart this little girl is, took her about 30 seconds to find the bed, try it for size, and settle down.


  1. I think the red on the far left works beautifully cos although it is red , it's quite a soft red, if you see what I mean?

    Glad you're not feeling to bad, and Daisy certainly looks as though she's settled there for a very long snooze.

    1. Sue - clever girl, the red on the left is the one I selected!

  2. Hope you and Management soon feel better. I'm not a lover of red either but your selection looks pretty. Posted off an envelope for you on Monday. Not sure how much luck you will have with it! Enjoyed the close up pics of 'your' river. Grey and cold again here and looks like it will be for the rest of the week. We had sun yesterday morning but by the time I was able to get out for a walk it had clouded over and was drizzling! Sick of the white stuff now ,,, I need it to be green again!

    1. Lakeslover - it's green here! Actually, that's not strictly true, whilst Bag End is green-ish and brown in places the fells are very white and iced up.

      What happened to that cottage you had your eye on?

      Thank you for 'posting something' :}


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