Thursday, 10 January 2013

In the clouds

Fog in the valleys and a ridge of high pressure above means just one thing at this time of year - good conditions for a temperature inversion and all morning I could see a layer of thick cloud hanging over Bassenthwaite Lake.  By the time Daisy and I went out in the afternoon I knew I was pushing it to get to the top of Sale Fell before the clouds moved.

Looking back towards Wythop.

Above the woodland path which we walked last week.

Daisy returning to me at a flat out sprint :}  I'm training her to come back when she hears a whistle and rewarding her each time with a bit of biscuit.  We don't yet have 100% recall but the training is certainly easier with a dog who is very interested in all forms of food!

From the summit, Dodd floating in the mist.

Skiddaw rising above the clouds

The top of Binsey

By the time we had walked from Sale Fell summit across to Lothwaite the cloud on the lake had risen and a bank of cloud from the coast has snuck up behind us.  The result was Daisy and I enveloped in a quiet blanket of fog.  Visibility was still good enough that finding a path was never in doubt and we had the pleasure of some moments of utter calm and total silence, a bit like waking up and knowing before you've drawn the curtains that there is thick snow outside. 


  1. Wonderful! Woke up to snow here this morning. Only a scattering so far but the sky looks full of it. Keeping my eye on the Lakes weather and a cottage I have my other eye on!

    1. a cottage I have my other eye on!

      Oh, just book it!!

  2. Lol! Heavy snow here all afternoon, woodburner lit at midday!


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