Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year

Felicitations, good wishes and all that stuff. Excellent start to 2013 here - it's not raining!  Daisy was a star last night and barely grumbled at the fireworks.  She and I have tackled our first summit of the year with a lovely 90 minute walk up Ling Fell. We got a bit wet, very windswept and slightly cold but it was lovely and she's had the decency since we came home to crash out and act very tired.

Clearly, "someone" is overcoming her fear of travelling in the car!


Ling Fell summit.  Daisy is only at the trig point because I put biscuits on the base :}

Looking back to Sale Fell.  Binsey (back left) and Skiddaw (back right) are in cloud.

Although I ought to be cleaning my walking boots I've been getting in bloggy mess instead.  Pay attention please, there may be a test later:

* OK - so we're allowed 1GB of free photo storage with our Google accounts.
 * Despite always resizing pictures, four years of Bag End and nearly 5,000 images means I am at 75% of that.
 * Storage is by USER not by blog so an easy fix is to set up another Google identity, make that identity also an Admin of the blog, log in with the second ID and future photos will go to the "new" 1GB limit.
* theoretically easy, confusion reigns because whilst I set things up I am logging in and out of each account (it would have been easier to get the laptop out and be BilboWaggins on one machine and Aunty Bilbo on the other but I didn't think of that until now ...)
* more confusion because Google is currently telling me I have FIVE GB of free storage on every account .... Think I will give up for a while.

On a serious note, anyone else with a blog they care about might consider setting up a second Google ID and linking it.  If for some reason you lost access to your regular identity then it would be a right bugger not to be able to edit your own little bit of the internet  ....

PS: Aunty Bilbo because that is what Nic calls me since she had her gorgeous little man last year and I started sending her quilts!


  1. The walking sounds fun with Daisy, but the Google stuff seems to be a bit crazy. Hopefully I'll get my blog up and running soon.
    Your rainfall was a wee bit more than ours.
    12 months coming in at 1186mm., though the last 2 months have been very dry and over the coming weekend it is about to be in the high 30's for about 4 days. "YUK!" Off to Canberra this weekend to see youngest son and family, so may email when I get back. Oz Sue

    1. Hi Sue, many thanks for the comment (and apologies 'cos I have been rude/disorganised and not acknowledged the last one you left). Don't feel daunted by Google/Blogger - I've been doing this for years and still fall down a rabbit hole every time they change something! Enjoy your family visit.

  2. Glad you and Daisy are making a good team. I haven't encountered any storage problems yet, but they could come. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. Morning FFG. Perhaps all my work was in vain because the 5GB limit is ~still~ showing on the Picasaweb account for BilboWaggins. I've gone from nearly 80% down to 15% . . . there have been a lot of whines and moans online the last couple of months about people running out of Blog photo storage space, perhaps the limit has been increased to stop the mass moves to Wordpress?

  3. Strange that if you are resizing your photos to the free size that you are using space!
    I upload photos for 3 different blogs to the same account and have only used 0.54% of my total amount.

    Do you think Daisy's initial fear of the car was because she was driven somewhere and dumped and she thought that the same was happening. Maybe she has learned to trust you.

    1. Sue, whilst I resize photos I don't make them so small that they fall under the 'size radar'. However, the limit seems to have been increased to 5GB so the 'problem' has solved itself.

      As for Daisy - yes, you're spot on. We wondered exactly the same thing about her fear of the car. Also remember she was then picked up by a dog warden - chucked in a van. Moved to a rescue centre - in a van. Taken to a vet (twice) - in a van. Then I came along and bunged her in another strange vehicle - it's enough to make anyone worried. Now she's so keen to jump into the back of the car that the moment I open the door, she's in. Causes difficulty if I've just returned from the supermarket and the space is full of bags of groceries ....


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