Monday, 14 January 2013

"Half day"

LP's idea of a half day is more than I could physically do in a week, and today's "half day" involved moving ALL of the very large soil heap that had been sitting at the edge of the Coppice for months. Although I didn't expect Mighty Mouse until after lunch, he arrived bright and cheerful at 10.30 and promptly set to loading barrow after barrow with wet soil.

The section of long side bed which was cleared last Friday has been forked over and now pony poo and other materials will be added to build up the soil level ready for planting later in the year.

"Someone" has taken it upon herself to conduct supervisory duties (as well as developing the skill of wandering into photos unrequested, we're working on the posing).

As we've currently shelved the idea of a small stream connecting the two ponds, the little 'overflow' section has also been filled in.

     (late in the day with flash = naff picture!)


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    1. Love seeing the progress

      Not as much as I do! Been living with this mess for far too long.

  2. Can't wait to see what the summer brings to Bag End!!! Gonna be just lovely.

  3. Sue and FFG - fingers and toes are crossed for a better summer than 2012 . . .


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