Thursday, 24 January 2013

Garden progress

Cold but dry, so LP was able to put in a whole day.  The first priority was extra windbreak netting as a Daisy Deterrent.  The driveway is a 'supervised zone' but Her Ladyship has found she can wander onto what will one day be shrub beds and access the top of our wall.  She's rather keen to meet anyone and everyone who walks past, I am rather keen to ensure she doesn't!

More muck was moved to fill up the side bed and later topped with chippings from the shrub clearing.  Just need to leave it all for the weather and worms to do their stuff so I can plant in the summer.

After lunch LP installed post extensions along the back fence and next week we will fix windbreak netting to this, similar to what we did along the big side bed.  Ostensibly I am doing this "to ensure Daisy doesn't jump the wooden fence".  The truth is that we're about to plant another willow fedge along the back boundary and I want to give it plenty of protection.  We have a neighbour behind us who was desperate for the leylandii to be cut down and now we've done so he's still not happy because he can see our 'clutter' (log store, shed, greenhouse).  We feel he won't be thrilled at the sight of a willow fedge so the less of it he can see the better - actually, he's not going to be happy about the netting either . . . shrugs shoulders, Hobbit not giving a damn ...

For the rest of the day LP carried on clearing the overgrown shrubbery which is going to become our vegetable patch.  Suspect the 'interesting neighbour' is going to have a conniption fit when he sees us erecting the old wooden greenhouse in this section!


  1. *Sigh* I know you have your reasons, but clearing woodland to make a veg patch is dang hard work, and you have such a beautiful potager!


    I would think that your neighbour will prefer willow to leylendii? Tomatoes from said greenhouse would lubricate the situation maybe.

    Mind you, neighbours are a funny thing - I'm end terrace (as I think you know), and I had no idea until the prickly retired couple next door moved out just how many years I had spent unconsciencelessly creeping around my own house in order not to offend.

    Town or country living, maybe not so much different, huh?

    1. Hazel, I know it's hard work, that is why LP is doing it, not me. The potager has become a fruit garden and I have nowhere left to grow veggies!

      The only tomato this particular neighbour would get from me would be an over-ripe one :} According to everyone else around here he's been a fussy git for the past 30 years and isn't going to change on my account. One rumour (which sadly, I can believe) is that he had a long-standing row with the old lady who used to live next door to us because of a cherry tree that "blocked his view". Allegedly he waited until she was in hospital, then went into her garden and cut it down. Shame he didn't cut the leylandii down for some of our predecessors!

      Town and country are the same because people are the same.

  2. Your neighbor won't ever be satisfied and, ultimately, you're not there to DO that! Scr*w him. 30 years? Elderly? You can wait him out. Put up a shed - paint it boldly - then keep the cops on speed dial.

    1. Kris, you're right, I know he will never be happy. I don't let his attitude upset me or affect what we do; on the contrary, when we are working at the end of the garden which is most visible to him we tend to chuckle to ourselves because we know he's covertly watching from behind a curtain!

  3. Am I going completely mad or are you? Don't you already have a load of veg plots and a greenhouse? Is the family expanding and you have been keeping quiet?? (duck)

    1. CB, I was already completely mad - are you coming to join me?

      The original veg patch with raised beds has accidentally become a fruit garden. As for the second greenhouse, well, we have it [stored behind the shed since we moved here] so it would be silly not to use it.


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