Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Do Not Disturb?

When the alarm went off this morning it was cold, wet and horrible outside.  As I didn't have to get up for anything specific I decided not to, made a cuppa and returned to the duvet with the Rich Tea biscuits.   Daisy is not allowed to sleep on the human bed (although she would very much like to) but knows that when a mug of tea and packet of biccys put in an appearance she is allowed to join the party.  After appreciatively receiving a little bit of biscuit it was time for more sleep, no desperate needing to rush outside for a pee for this little girl.

An hour later she still hadn't moved ... and neither had I :}

I try not to use the phone to take photos, the quality is crappy beyond belief but it's better than nothing.


  1. My sister's dog sleeps on the bed (oh dear! but she doesn't shed being a poodle) often she doesn't dowse herself 'til halfway through the morning. Dog not sister - if she is made get up to visit the outdoors for the necessaries, once her feet are wiped clean she is back upstairs again double quick.

    1. I allowed Ollie to sleep on the bed in his last few months but it was more for my benefit, not his so that I could hear him (although he did enjoy it!).


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