Saturday, 12 January 2013

Blowy on Binsey

A short Saturday morning stroll with Management.  We came to the conclusion that whilst the views from Binsey's summit are excellent it is probably a fell we don't need to return to in a hurry.  There has never been an occasion, regardless of the time of year, when it's not been blowing a hooley at the top and this morning it was absolutely freezing.  Sale Fell is nearer, more interesting, and never seems quite so cold :}

Glorious views across Derwentwater to the western fells.

Blencathra looking freezing with the top of Sharp Edge just visible.

I went back to Keswick in the afternoon and the gritting lorries were out in force.


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    1. I didn't feel very hardy at the time Sue, just glad I had warm, windproof clothes!

  2. Am I on the right blog? This one seems to feature lots of fellwalking which I'm sure the proper Bag End one didn't {g}

    I think the Daisy effect cannot be underestimated - she's managed to drag you away from the garden and onto those fells where you both seem to be reveling in what has been missing for a long while! And Daisy's first inversion too the other day - what a lucky hound!

    1. LOL !!

      Lovely way of putting it James, the "Daisy effect" can definitely NOT be underestimated! Hope you get to meet her soon and experience her magic for yourself :}

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    1. The nastiest thing I am likely to meet on the fells is a badly behaved dog or out-of-control mountain bikers. It's occurred to me before that I am very lucky not to have to consider some of the 'wildlife' that you have to contend with.


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