Friday, 4 January 2013

Another busy week

Another busy week at Bag End.  New Year came and went with very little fanfare and Wednesday 'normal service' was resumed as the electrician spent most of the day crawling about under the floor! He fitted ethernet cable to my study, Management's office and the sitting room so that we are no longer reliant on a Wi-Fi signal which doesn't like travelling around this house. The set-up isn't completely finished yet but the parts which are working have made a huge difference.

Thursday was spent rewiring and refitting most of the outside lights at the back of the house.  PIR-activated lights are all very well but not in areas where there's a lot of movement from trees and shrubs. The multiple after-dark trips into the garden with Her Ladyship are now much more pleasant.

Daisy and I had a damp but delightful walk around the back of Sale Fell.

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