Monday, 31 December 2012

Water, water, everywhere ...

The rainfall total for 2012:

It's really the total for 11 months of the year because I did not record January but over four feet of rainfall is quite enough, thank you.


  1. You pour (get it?) dear - you 'enjoyed' the kind of rainy year we had in 2011 - 52.4" in just 10 months (and that did not include snowfalls!). If your weather follows suit, you'll have heat and drought in 2013. As for our 2013 - not a clue. Good luck to both of us.

    1. 2012 was officially the wettest year for 100 years. I don't think most people have yet realised the implications for farmers and our food supply.

  2. Replies
    1. Met Office have just released figures for last year. Total rainfall of 1330.7mm (52.38in) - not sure where that was measured - just glad we had less, even if only 4" less!


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