Sunday, 2 December 2012

The end of the bark chip

For reasons which will become clear in the next riveting Bag End bulletin, I wanted the driveway as clear as possible.  We wondered how Daisy would react to the noisy engine of her namesake, to say she wasn't bothered is an understatement of huge proportions.  She trotted along behind the tractor, alongside it, and when she thought it was time for me to stop what I was doing and throw the ball for her she stood directly in front of it ...

It didn't take too long for the Little Red Tractor and big trailer to move all the bark chip to cover the muddy mess around the log store and mower shed, but sadly I ran out before I could cover the path down to the nursery area.

So that's the end of the bark chip, for now .... I expect it won't be long before we have Mike drop another load :}


  1. We have only got a small path of it but it's lovely to walk on!

  2. sorry it has taken me so very long to thank you for your comment Jill, this has certainly worked brilliantly at keeping the mud down!


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