Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Day Two, it's not the disruption but the dirt ...

Day Two has, on reflection, been more disruptive than yesterday but far less stressful.  I've had our favourite combination of trades all working together without anyone appearing to get in each other's way:  Wayne & Keith fixing the bouncy, unsupported kitchen floor, Andrew and his brother-in law on plumbing and Glen back to do the electrical work.

Note small Four Paws sneaking into every picture . . . whilst showing no inclination to jump into the hole she was fascinated by proceedings and wanted to watch!

The only way to replace half the kitchen floor is to take up the old one and for most of the afternoon that meant if Daisy and I wanted to leave the sitting room I had to carry her across the void.

Daisy. Does. Not. Like. Being. Picked. Up.  That's something we'll have to work on (along with her unhappiness about being in the car).

Wayne & Keith were able to slide insulation panels under the bit of the floor not being replaced, and fitted more under the new section.

Andrew & Mark got all of the first-fix plumbing done in the Mud Room and Glen is about half-way through the electrical work in both rooms.

There's a horrible pile of rubbish on the drive which will get worse tomorrow as there's more plaster to be taken off the Mud Room walls ...  I've made a perfunctory attempt to clean up the mess and dinner was a ready-made curry out of the freezer.  Kitchen facilities are limited, it's a bit like being on holiday in a poorly equipped cottage or caravan, but it is only for a week.

Despite keeping doors closed and putting decorator cloths all over the carpets there's a creeping miasma of dirt and dust that seems to be spreading through the entire house, I think that is worse than the upheaval.  For much of the day the water was off and then the electric went on sabatical so there was no central heating - and it's cold!  Daisy spent much of the day in front of the wood burner.  Yes, that really is her ribcage you can see in the photos.  She's eating well and if our scales are accurate has put on just under 400g in two weeks.  We're back at the vets tomorrow afternoon for a further check-up and I will have a talk with Clare to understand what level of weight gain we should be looking for, 200g a week "feels" about right, I'll be interested to see what she says.

These are for my reference.


  1. All the supervision work seems to have tired daisy out!

    1. Sue, sorry it has taken me so very long to thank you for your comment. Daisy has discovered that the spot in the window gets really hot when the sun is out and our little girl Does. Not. Like. Being. Cold!


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