Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Day Three, (barely) controlled chaos

There was a distinct likelihood of a sense-of-humour failure today but not caused by any of our chaps.

Am thoroughly pissed off with Boots Kitchen Appliances.  Along with the new fridge we ordered a small chest freezer.  I only ordered from BKA because both units were in stock, and both would be delivered on Monday.  On Monday the fridge arrived, but no freezer.  Phone calls, irritation, be nice to chap in Call Centre, it's not his fault.  bla bla bla.  Promise of delivery for Wednesday (today), refund delivery charge.  Mid-morning found a voicemail message saying "sorry, no delivery, we have no stock, we don't know when we'll get any, it's all Zanussi's fault".  More phone calls.  Even more phone calls, irritation, tell stupid chap in Call Centre to put me through to his Manager. NOW.  Manager promises delivery for tomorrow.  ("No stock?   Our live system is showing 48 units in the warehouse . . ." ) and coughs up a discount as a goodwill gesture.  I didn't bother to tell them that by the time the freezer arrives tomorrow we'll have scaffolding in the Mud Room and it probably won't be possible to get into the house.

The rest of the day was flat-out busy but I'm throughly amazed by just how much is being achieved and how hard the team are working.

The usual crew were complemented by LP who arrived just after 8.00 with a large trailer of 'trimmings' from the timber yard.  He and I spent a pleasant hour or so sorting it into pieces big enough to support wind-break netting and the rest which will eventually end up in the log store.  Freezing cold so I was delighted to go indoors once that was done and let him carry on alone.

He then moved on to groundworks which are another of his many skills;  I trust him to dig out the ground at the back of the house and put it back the way it should be!  Of course, in true Bag End style he found cracked pipes under the concrete plinth and has ended up removing three times as much as we expected . . . but if it wasn't removed now he'd be digging it out next Spring anyway so it doesn't matter.  The pile of rubbish on the drive has got even bigger and I need to order another skip.

The kitchen floor didn't need much to finish it so Wayne & Keith had a half day and Glen made a glorious mess in the Boot Room (which yesterday was called the Mud Room, because it is no longer a 'Utility' and it's not a Hall, or an Entrance .... and tomorrow might be called something entirely different)

In the midst of making innumerable mugs of tea and answering endless questions, Daisy and I had a trip to the vet.  Clare is delighted with her progress.  I asked if 200g weight gain per week was about right and she admitted to not knowing . . . there probably is no right answer, every dog is different however she's heading towards being a very active little girl so we're going to increase her dry food by 10% and add some cod liver oil.


  1. You've been busy ,,, in more ways than one! Lovely to have a catch up and see all the progress made.

    1. Thanks Jill, if you've read days 4 and 5 you will see it sort of got worse ... and I must get round to writing about week two :}


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