Monday, 3 December 2012

Day one of what is going to be a loooong week

I think the first van was here before 8.00am.

By 9.00am I had two kitchen fitters, two plumbers, two delivery chaps with the new loo, Bert come to collect the old freezer, Managment and an over-excited dog in the kitchen!  Everyone else seemed to be enjoying themselves; I had three hours sleep last night and knew it was going to be a very long day ...

The only hiccup in an otherwise reasonable day was when Kitchen Fitter No. 1 broke the old sink.  As he'd assured me that it would not get broken and I did not need to pre-order a replacement "just in case" I didn't find it difficult to suggest "it's your fault we don't have a spare and that we now need one, I'm taking Daisy for a walk, let me know when you find a replacement".  Easier said than done, white ceramic single bowl sinks are not thick on the ground in West Cumbria. 

Actually there was a second sort-of-hiccup.  After doing the kitchen plumbing first fix, the boys moved onto the Mud Room.  Half an hour later they got an emergency call to deal with a burst pipe in Cockermouth and I didn't see them again :}

There is deliberate manner in my madness of leaving china on the open shelves.  Yes it will get dirty but it's safer and less likely to be broken where it is.  When this is all over I can wash everything and have it lovely and clean for Christmas.

Daisy took the noise and disruption in her stride.  She loved having lots of people to tell her how pretty she is, barked like a thing possessed whenever anyone knocked on the door and resisted the temptation to jump through the open hatch and join the plumber under the kitchen floor. 


  1. ,,, and there was me thinking you were having a rest!

  2. Jill, sorry it has taken me so very long to thank you for your comment. All straight now although not completely finished, much blogging to catch up with!


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