Thursday, 6 December 2012

Day Four, problems and solutions

Foul weather and whilst a storm raged outside most of the day, tempers had to be held in check as the unsettled conditions moved inside.

The Kitchen Fitter (KF) nearly got himself thrown out of the house and off the job this morning, the only thing that saved him was the inability of Wayne, Keith and myself to decide which one of us would have the pleasure of bodily throwing him down the stairs.  He'd got a bee in his bonnet about an aspect of the project with which he is not involved with and started laying down the law about how something should be done.  He was irritating the hell out of me but I'd managed to keep quiet; when I discovered that he was pissing off everyone else on the team I stopped keeping quiet.  There were no raised voices, no swearing and no ultimatums.  I told him very firmly in words of one syllable that the half-wall partition behind the sink was being built to MY specification seeing as I was the person who would be living with it and That. Was. The. End. Of. The. Debate

Life was much easier after that, KF behaved himself and even started clearing up the mess he was making, all the other trades were happy and I had a splitting headache.

The headache didn't go away as Wayne spent the afternoon sticking his head around the door and saying "you probably need to come and see something you don't want to see" as he uncovered more shoddy workmanship in the Boot Room.  It can all be fixed and I trust him to make the walls sound but it's rather unnerving to find what are obviously parts of an extension not properly tied into the original walls of the house ...  I knew our life in Cumbria would be very different to anything I'd experienced before but I never expected to learn quite so much about building, plastering, plumbing and electrics.

Talking of which, after Glen spent ages yesterday positioning the ceiling lights in the Boot Room it dawned on us (OK, Keith was the one who realised) that the wall cabinets we're putting up would foul the light fitting if we tried to open the doors!  Thankfully it didn't take long to move one of the cables - another new skill as our electrician wasn't here :}

Glen did have to make an emergency call at the end of the afternoon when an outside socket that he'd half-installed yesterday gave up the struggle against the rain and started shorting out.  Wayne is used to 'flashes' going off as I take photographs of the work but he found it a little worrying when there was a 'flash' and he knew I didn't have a camera to hand.  Of course, the ring which was shorting also held the central heating controller.

LP has gone down with the current flu/lurgy so he got sent home before he'd even arrived but as the job is now running at least two/three days behind so there's no hurry for him to finish the groundworks.

Daisy refused to put a foot in the garden other than for unavoidable toilet stops and spent the day inside.  I am deeply grateful to a friend who phoned and said "I cannot avoid going to the village shop and I bet you don't want to step outside, do you need more milk seeing as you've a house full of workmen?"  Bless her - we've got through nearly 8 pints since Monday and yes, I was going to have to make a dash to the shops before the end of the day.

(Thankfully, the missing freezer turned up before Wayne built his mini scaffolding in order to reach the ceiling.)

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