Friday, 7 December 2012

Day five, not derailed just in the sidings

A very good day, once we got over the bumpy bit.  Kitchen Fitter turned up with a replacement sink.  Not surprisingly, it wasn't suitable and Hobbit decided enough was enough.  To KF's disgust I refused to accept it, told him to take it away along with his tools and that I would phone him as and when I wanted him back.

At lunchtime I learned that he had phoned our builder and continued to lay down the law about what the other trades could do and when. By this time I had sourced a sink which Management and I both liked and confirmed with Andrew, our plumber, that he could get it from a local supplier by the end of next week. A brief phone call and KF was gently and politely relieved of any more involvement with this project.  In fact, I was so polite and gentle that I'm not sure he even realises he's been sacked - not even when I told him to invoice me for all the work done to date.  Hey ho.  He's gone and everyone else is much happier, and happy builders, plumbers and electricians are A Good Thing!  

It means the kitchen won't be finished until the end of next week at the earliest, rather than today, but it's worth the delay.  Sacking the Kitchen Fitter midway through a significant refit might seem like a mad thing to do but it actually felt like the most sane thing I've done all week. Much plastering and finishing up today, most of which I forgot to photograph - it's been a long and tiring week.

(The thistlebond was applied on Sunday when the rough-coat had dried a bit, the joy of non-chronological blogging).

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