Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day, and Daisy's first visit to the seaside

Well, not so much seaside as sand dunes on the Solway Coast.  A cold walk on a dull and windy day but Daisy enjoyed trotting along close to us whilst off the lead with a couple of experimental zoomies as she showed her whippet heritage.

An uneventful walk apart from finding a lost and rather worried little black Cocker Spaniel.  I had brief visions of returning home with two rescue dogs ...

We found the owner fairly quickly.  Bloody stupid woman - she'd had the spaniel for just two weeks on 'try out' from a breeder who no longer wanted her.  No tag on the collar so she let the dog off its lead and didn't pay close attention to where it went.  We found the spaniel nearly a mile from where the woman was looking; obviously very shaken up, perhaps she'll be a bit more careful in future.


  1. Stupid woman indeed.

    Did Daisy get close enough to the sea to decide if she liked it or not?

    1. The tide was in but we did walk a few yards on the sand .... Daisy was being buffeted by the wind to much to really care about the water so we went into the dunes where there was a little shelter. She certainly enjoyed that :}

  2. I do hope she doesn't decide not to keep the dog because of it. Spaniels aren't the brightest sparks are they.

    So have you determined Daisy's parentage.

    1. I think the lady will keep the spaniel, it was a lovely gentle little thing (obviously far too timid for the show ring). She was one of those "nice but dim" types and I suspect learnt a scary lesson that morning.

      Yes, we have Daisy's DNA report back ... another blog post I haven't done yet! We have not, however, determined her parentage other than to say she's a mongrel - a huge mixture of everything and nothing :}

  3. At least she was shaken up which shows she cares and hopefully will be more careful in future. Nice to see you all out at the seaside.


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