Sunday, 2 December 2012

Being sensible? Where's the fun in that?

Three weeks until Christmas (which I haven't even begun to THINK about, let alone prepare for) and a new dog in the house. Sensible people would focus on writing a few Christmas cards and playing with Daisy. We are not sensible people.

Tonight, only two years after the last kitchen make-over, Managment and I emptied all the kitchen cupboards again.  8.00am tomorrow it all starts getting very messy which is why I needed the driveway clear - there will be multiple white vans here most of the week.  We are moving the sink, dishwasher, etc. from under the window into the middle of the room (well, not exactly the middle but away from the wall) so that next year we can replace the window with patio doors and have the table in front of it ... a lot of work to go to just to enhance the squirrel observatory!  Also having the old utility room turned into a more respectable entrance-cum-Mud Room.

   After nearly five years of trying to make this fridge/freezer fit in a house where it doesn't fit* we've given up and ordered a replacement.  A friend is keen to have our old one and coming to collect it tomorrow.  Everyone happy - perfect recycling.

I'm not looking forward to the dirt, dust and noise but "it will be worth it in the end" and aren't we lucky to be doing it?  I'm really not looking forward to the bit where the old kitchen floor gets replaced (visions of having to hop over joists or Daisy deciding to jump into the void under the house and run around hunting mice ... )

     Maybe the dirt isn't the worst part of the process.  It's really the disruption of having the kitchen and utility room spread across every other room in the house.

*crap English. Sorry. Sue me, or my English Language teacher.  I'm tired, I don't care.


  1. I think the kitchen is the worst place for disruption! When David did ours over the summer holidays one year and built all the cupboards himself I was washing up in the garage for 6 weeks but at least it was summer! Good Luck!

  2. When our cabinets were totally replaced a few years ago, I helped empty the cupboards but then skipped out to take care of my mom for a week and missed the whole mess. Looked brand new when I got back home. I'd suggest that route for anyone.

  3. Ah, yes - the kitchen-contents-in-every-other-room syndrome! I remember it with fondness. No, that is a lie - I remember it with a gratitude of 'thank goodness that's all over and I don't have to spend half the morning playing hunt the casserole dish/teatowel/foil/flower vase/egg cups/spaghetti - and one upside down and mobile day, the fridge.

    Keep chanting your mantra, because it will be.

  4. Dear all, sorry it has taken me so very long to thank you for your comments. There is absolutely nothing more disruptive than, as Hazel describes it, the kitchen-contents-in-every-other-room syndrome Even now we still have kitchen contents all over the spare bedroom syndrome until the Boot Room is finished and has some wall cupboards installed


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