Friday, 9 November 2012

Here we go again

Some months ago Management and I were watching the red squirrels from the kitchen window and to do this we had to stand next to the sink.  I threw out an idle comment without really meaning it:  "if we moved the sink to the other side of the room and replaced the wall with patio doors we could sit at the table and watch the birds and squirrels in so much more comfort". 

Now a lot of people would say something like that but never do anything about it.  Management is not that person, he's a facilitiator, an enabler and his immediate response was "you're right, so let's do it!" Which is why, when the weather was bad and LP couldn't work in the garden, he spent the day removing our foul and troublesome kitchen floor.  Long-time Hobbit friends will recall that the multiple kitchen floors, all of which had been laid on top of each other, had already caused us plenty of problems and were always due to be ripped out. 

I think we counted seven layers in total - screed on top of the wooden floorboards, a mesh membrane, then a plastic barrier, more screed, ceramic tiles, then more screed, then an Amtico vinyl floor ...

Glad to see the back of all of it but it does mean we are absolutely committed to another round of tradesmen, mess and expense before it's straight again!


  1. Yep, ain't to turning back now!!! You've made the leap.

    1. messy and hateful during the process, but worth it when it's done :}


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