Sunday, 7 October 2012

Welding and painting

It didn't really matter that the bobbin case had gone AWOL and I had to stop quilting because the weather had taken an unexpected turn for the better and we needed to get outside.  Management was keen to finish welding the deck frame, so he did extremely clever stuff with metal and electricity all afternoon whilst I played welders' mate and raked up some fallen leaves when I had a chance :}

This is going to be picture heavy, first set for my benefit,  how things had been for the last couple of weeks whilst we waited for it to stop raining:

     Rubbish picture, but proof of the huge dragonfly who visited the pond every day for over a week. 

On Saturday afternoon, M. was able to finish welding extra supporting bars into the deck frame.  In total, he's added 24 additional lengths so that our decking boards will have support every 40mm (or thereabouts).  

Sunday confused us greatly by continuing to be dry and sunny - all day.  M. ground every single weld flat, including the lovely trellis he's constructed at the back of the deck, whilst I painted the posts by the top pond and gave my 'wire woman' a couple of good coats of Hammerite.  She looks rather good in black :}

And then it was my turn, managed to do the trellis twice and the main frame once before daylight faded and exhaustion set it.  Management helped as well and refurbished the brolly stand and our wheelbarrow, both of which now look rather smart and considerably less battered and abused!

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