Saturday, 20 October 2012

Not quite how we'd planned to spend Saturday

OK, I'm writing this weeks after the event so we're going to be a little briefer than usual.

After three long days with LP this week and a full-on week ahead I'd assumed the weekend would be quiet and relaxed;  what a silly idea. After waiting the best part of 12 months for Geoff to come back and grub out the old escallonia hedge, I could hardly say "no" when we got a phone call on Thursday morning.  The delay during the summer was because we were all (optimistically) waiting for the ground to dry up so he could use the digger to excavate the rest of the bark path.  Seeing as LP is making a fine job of that task by doing a section at a time the only remaining delay was getting the large digger off a job where it's been tied up for far longer than expected.

Management and LP worked like Trojans moving all the rubbish into a very large skip.  I made tea.  The end.

"Mr Clutter" won't like this :}

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