Thursday, 1 November 2012

Getting behind isn't a problem, it's the catching up that's hell!

I wasn't very good at keeping the blog up to date during September and October was even worse.  Usual excuses:  doing too much, getting overtired, collapsing in front of the TV and wood burner after supper every evening.  But if I leave gaps then I short-change Management and I, and our friends too.  At some point in the future I will be irritated with myself for not making the effort to deal with the numerous 'drafts' which I haven't completed, and the dozens of photos waiting patiently to be sorted out.  So here goes:

A gorgeous sunrise
The nursery area in September
Progress on the big deck
more deck progress here too!
Pretty things in bloom last month
Another rant about seed companies
NGS Garden Visit to Hallsenna

Published at the beginning of November:

October rain
Winter is here
A special weekend with special friends
Finally making a start on refurbishing the entrance/mud room