Saturday, 6 October 2012

A week of much rain and very little gardening

The title pretty much sums up the past week, but it hasn't been as bad as it sounds :}

No surprises that on Monday in between taking Hattie for a service and a quick trip to Keswick I went back to Lamberlea for another batch of pond plants.  Whilst debating with John as to the identity of some unlabeled Iris, he said "I'll pop out to the tunnel and see if there are any which do have labels".  He came back five minutes later carrying eight pots.  "I think these are Gerald Darby, they've been sitting on a bench drying out and will end up on the compost heap.  I'll put them by your car".

There followed a 'discussion' which I lost whereby John gave me eight sound little plants for free . . .  Hopefully they really are Iris × robusta 'Gerald Darby' because it's a very pretty plant, carries the RHS 'AGM' award and will be a very welcome change from all the Yellow Flag, Iris pseudacorus.

OK, those three plants on the right aren't for the pond.  Found a nice selection of hardy fucshia, a shrub I'm very fond of which you don't see on sale very often.

And that, children, was the sum total of gardening this week.  I visited the greenhouse on a couple of occasions and got thoroughly depressed by the lack of ripe tomatoes.  The rest of the time it rained, and rained, and rained some more.  So much so that by Thursday I'd collected 43mm in the green cones.  1¾ inches in old money in just four days.

The ground is totally saturated, the only thing you can do with soil when it's like this is stay off it, so I did.  I worked hard on the much neglected task of chilling out, must have succeeded because I've been quilting!  Trying not to think of how little I have used the Millennium since it came to live at Bag End, trying not to think how little sewing I have done since we moved.  Thankfully the fabric stash doesn't have a use by date but my quilting skills are frighteningly rusty.  Used a table runner pieced in January (when I noted that the ground was completely saturated ...) as a cross-hatching experiment which worked rather well.  Pats self on back ... how long will it take to remove the guidelines, trim and bind?  Might be ready for Autumn next year.

Decided I need a beautiful bag for my yoga supplies.  It would be far quicker and cheaper to go and buy something but there's no fun in that.  Wasted spent the best part of half a day selecting fabric.  My quilts rarely have less than 20 or 30 different fabrics in them, usually more, if one is slightly "off" it doesn't show.  When the project only has two fabrics it's harder, much much harder!  Another half day disappeared up it's own backside whilst I selected and rejected quilting designs, messed with the longarm machine, started sewing, abandoned the plan because skills are too rusty, started Plan B, same problem, Plan C crashed and burned as well.  Eventually found something that (a) I liked and (b) I could stitch to a level of quality I was happy with.

By which time it was Saturday lunchtime and somewhere between winding more bobbins and cleaning the hook area I lost the bobbin case.  I have two others but experience tells me not to change bobbin cases mid-project unless I want to spend a miserable amount of time trying to get the tension exactly the same as it was . . .  But I couldn't find the bobbin case I'd been using anywhere.  Drawing a veil over the ensuing searching (me), moving half the contents of the study, swearing, more searching (Management).

The rag rug made more progress.

And the bobbin case?  It turned up later, much later:

      Obvious once you know where to look . . . 


  1. Those iris were a real bargain weren't they?

    I love the fabric you're making your bag from. How are you quilting it?

    1. Thanks Sue, I'm using a pattern called Fay Feathers by Hermione Agee which is giving a lovely texture. Valdani thread and Matilda's Own wool wadding.

  2. Something good coming from all that rain. You're back to quilting and you are so right that the skills do get rusty if not used.

    1. Thanks FFG. It took me a while to build up my skills initially, it will take a little while to get back up to speed. Will probably load some cheap calico next so that I can "play" without worrying about mucking up a quilt top.

  3. Hahahaha! I have lost things so often recently that I'm begining to think there's an imp in the house tormenting me, so it's very reassuring to know that you've got an imp too! :-)

    1. All the best homes have an imp or House Elf hanging around somewhere!


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