Sunday, 2 September 2012


How many strawberry plants do two people really need?  Rhetorical question, don't bother to try and form an answer, but the strawberry beds needed an autumn overhaul.

The left-hand bed has been cleared out, the plants were three years old and the bed was horribly congested.  Not decided what to do with this space for next season but it will soon be the right time to put garlic in ...

Plants remaining in the raised beds have all had a severe haircut and will get a dressing of home-made compost when I get round to it.

The plants which went into what was meant to be the Nectar Bar did well for year one although we didn't have any fruit.   I left them uncovered and the blackbirds had a feast on the strawberries which didn't rot during the wettest summer anyone round here can remember.  I've dug them all up and the cold frame is now home to 18 plants in pots. Earlier in the year I gave lots of spare runners to a friend who grew them in her greenhouse and I was very envious of her early crop of fruit.  Fingers crossed these plants will do the same for us next year.


  1. Oh, c'MON. It's not enough that your raised beds look right out of a magazine. But just LOOK at that background landscape. Puh-leeze! Talk about gilding the lily.

    Hope you get some good berries next year.

    1. Whoever said 'a photo never lies' obviously had no experience with shooting angles, cropping and being very selective. One day I might put up a post with all the messy, weedy-infested, rubbish-strewn areas and then you can see what the rest of Bag End is really like!


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