Monday, 10 September 2012

Rain stops play, again

Apparently other parts of the country are enjoying dry, warm days.  Humph.  A friend regularly says "better wet in Cumbria than dry anywhere else" and whilst in principle she is correct, all this precipitation is getting a bit tiresome.  LP has not been available much recently as he enjoys the benefits of being semi-retired and self-employed, however, this week we had Big Plans.  I should know by now that making plans is asking for trouble and tempts fate and certainly that is the case this time.  It is LP's only free week in September and we'd hoped to crack on with the Big Pond, "regardless of the weather".  Great idea but a silly one, the ground is sodden it looks like the pond will have to wait (which is doubly frustrating as Management and I have just committed to the eye-wateringly expensive liner which is due to be delivered any day).

However, LP is ever the optimist and cheerfully prepared to tackle something on the never-ending "List", even if it's not the pond.

     Perhaps I ought to stop writing lists ... unless I have one which says "phone builders to find out WHEN they are coming to re-plaster and re-do this room"

We've added a half-side to the big muck heap (OK, that wasn't even on the list); this space is filling up horribly fast.  Our friend's horses are kept in at present because their field is a mud-bath and are being fed haylege.  Nothing wrong with that other than haylege is bulky and the "output" has increased commensurately!   It won't be long before this area is completely full, it's already heated up and sticking a fork in to the pile produces clouds of steam.

We then turned our attention to the long side bed, another of the areas which we had planned on tackling properly earlier in the year.  Unfortunately over 15" of rain since May (yes, fifteen inches) has put paid to much of the progress I wanted to make in 2012. It didn't take LP long to strim the whole section which on it's own made a huge difference.

Then we decided to make use of a lovely supply of larch slab that was delivered a few weeks ago.

A couple of hours later, Ta Da!  What a difference, and an achievable plan in place (yeah, that "P" word again) for creating a big shrubby/herbaceous planting area with lots of evergreens to give us some privacy from the lane.

Unfortunately, that was it.  The heavens opened, we stopped for lunch and hoped the rain would stop too.  It didn't.


  1. We had last week in Suffolk and incredibly had good weather. Only rain was one day after 5:00 p.m. just as we were heading back after a day out and in the middle of the night!

    1. Glad you had lovely holiday weather Sue, it's not been like that here :{


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