Monday, 24 September 2012

Nothing to do with gardening - a cautionary techie tale

Although I love my big desktop iMac I don't have a 'smart' phone (my phone doesn't need to be 'smart', it just needs to deal with calls and remind me it's time to stop for lunch).  Despite Management regularly offering to get me an iPad, I can't see the point of something that would probably only get used as a browser-cum-games console and has the irritating problem of refusing to accept any files or uploads that haven't come from the unwieldy and cumbersome iTunes.

I don't want a Kindle, can't understand Face-wotsit and I have never worked out what the point of Twitter is.

However, after having a spectacular hard-disk failure 25 years ago at work (which wasn't my fault!) I obsessively back up my data regularly and the chances of my storing irreplaceable photos of Ollie in (on?) a "Cloud" are less than slim to non-existent.

With occasional and self-confessed Luddite tendencies, I have never been keen on the idea of trusting several critical systems to one operator or organisation which is why our internet, phone and TV packages come from three different suppliers, even though I'm sure we could save money by combining them, and I feel the same about my online life.  I use different passwords for everything (that dreadful Type A obsessiveness has its uses) and I am uneasy about the ever-extending tentacles which Google are spreading around the web so have steadfastly ignored their suggestions to 'link my services' and share personal information with all and sundry.

So you might think that when I read Mat Honan's recent account of how his life was hacked I'd be feeling a little superior? 

Not a bit of it;  I've done another backup of all my photos, created another backup of the blog in a different format to the existing ones and and some other stuff too.

And, probably, so should you . . .


  1. Lol - I had a quiet chuckle at this as I'm just in the middle of backing everything up(again!) in readiness for Himself to swap my ancient computer for a less ancient computer with a bigger memory!

    I do have a little smart phone, which I love and I do do Facebook - but mainly to see what my blogger friends and our offspring are up to so, like you, I heavily resist Google linkages and only share stuff with my nearest and dearest .....and I so do not get Twitter!!!

    1. Hi Nutty, glad all your data is safe :} I expect eventually I will have to join the 21st century but that day hasn't come yet :}

  2. This has just reminded me that I have an outstanding blog entry to make. I used blog2print a couple of months ago and got a hard copy of my blog, one book per year. They are beautiful, well worth the expense, and if Google decides one day to delete me, I still have the books. And, as always, they are a pleasure to browse through, a completely different experience to reading online. I have backed up everything else, but only once :o).

    1. That's one of the backup methods I use, SewAli, but instead of getting a hard copy I bought the PDF option, like you, one for each year. I can print it if I want, very easy to browse through, and duplicated on all my backup disks just to be on the safe side! I'd like to see the printed ones though, if you remember, perhaps you could pop one in your bag next month please?

  3. I've never backed up my blog. Probably should (after all, I have SEVEN of the darn things - I'm TOO organized). How DOES one back up a blog?

    1. Kris, consider your wrists slapped! You can either use Blog2Print and select the PDF option (which you have to pay for but it does give you page snapshots and includes comments), or through Blogger you can do a basic HTML backup by going to:
      Blog Dashboard
      -> Settings
      -> Other
      -> Export Blog. This saves an XML file to your hard-drive.

      DO NOT click on Delete Blog by accident!

    2. Thank you, dear. As for the slap - well deserved, I guess.

    3. There, ALL of them backed up to hard drive... :-D

    4. Good girl, eggs, single basket and all that .....


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