Sunday, 16 September 2012

Being in the right place at the right time

Sunday afternoon;  damp and drizzly, definitely a day for messing around indoors doing nothing much in particular.  LP phoned unexpectedly:   "W. just rang, he's at Dobbies in Carlisle and they've just reduced ALL the pond plants to 50p, everything, including the big pots that are usually £12 or £13."  Karma?  Synchronicity?  Ten minutes later I was in the car and shortly afterwards was pushing a big trolley into Dobbies Garden Centre!

An hour later I had a very full car and there were very few plants left in the pond section.  Yes, everything really was 50p, but with a Garden Club discount of 10% I ended up paying £18 for 40 plants which would have normally felt very wrong but this is part of the Tesco Group - their profit margins can take it.

Most of the plants are a bit tatty; some dieing back because it's getting colder, some are grossly overcrowded and needing out of their pots.  Either way, even if only half survive they're the bargain of the year.  A 'temporary' pond will keep the roots damp until I'm ready to plant them properly.

They will go very nicely with a generous collection recently received from a friend up the village whose own pond needed an autumn clear-out.

Together with the remainder of the Flag Iris I received from Jackie's pond earlier in the year I now have a great start on the plants needed for our Big Pond.  Trouble is, it's not nearly enough!


  1. Woo hoo, there's nothing like a bargain to make a girl happy :o)

  2. That is quite a saving. Did you leave anything there or just bring all their pond plant stock back with you?

  3. Gee, Hobbit. Did you leave any for other pond-ers, you greedy girl? *giggle*

  4. Thank you ladies. No, I left very little for those who came later! There were some tatty looking Skunk Cabbage and a few Juncus (which I detest), I'd say 80% of what was on sale now lives at Bag End :}

  5. I didn't know Dobbies was part of Tesco's....bugger! I hate Tesco's!!!
    (Good bargains though ...she whispered quietly!)


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