Saturday, 15 September 2012

Be careful what you wish for?

Saturday morning:  an awful lot of spare pond liner!

Be careful what you wish for - I wanted rain and we certainly got it, this is after a deluge plus two 1,000 litre IBC tanks and the 500 or so litres which came off the shed/log store roof on Friday night.  We seem to have got a fold with some air in it along the bottom but that doesn't matter, over time sediment will build up around the surplus and create all sorts of hidey-holes for tiny pond life, and once I've plonked a couple of baskets of oxygenator on top of it the fold won't matter.

Management gave vital and practical assistance and we cut away most of the surplus liner, at least things don't look quite so black and out of control now.  During the excavation we had LP create a small ledge underneath the bit of deck which overhangs the water and the liner has been cut back along this section and held in place by a row of stones.  As always, securing the remainder of the edge will be a little trickier and take much longer.

The 'hedgehog escape ramp' is back in place and I made a start on building small 'rock walls' to hold piles of soil on the bottom ledge but it started raining hard before I could finish.  I'd also concluded by this point that the water in the main section was quite deep enough, thank you, and I didn't fancy getting wet wellies!


  1. Oh look. Hobbit is walking IN water, instead of ON it. ;-P

    The flotilla of yellow duckies are just darling. One project done, and a whole lot of NEW projects onto the list. Get some rest, dear. You're going to need it.

  2. Hi girls, sorry to take a while to thank you for your comments. It's starting to look a little more like a pond now and not just a liner-filled-hole!


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