Saturday, 4 August 2012


It would be easy to have a major sense of humour failure about the weather, however I've never seen the day where complaining about the current conditions made any difference so I guess shrugging shoulders is the only thing to do.

Recording rainfall in a mass-produced plastic cone is never going to be 100% accurate but it's close enough.  Over 6 inches in June.  About 4½ inches in July.  Today excelled itself - nearly an inch in the 12 hours between 7.00am and 7.00pm, most of which fell in 10 minutes at lunchtime.

A picture tells a thousand words, a moving picture delivers an entire novella. You'll just have to believe me because the video I shot which looks and sounds like a tropical monsoon isn't here.  Management and I have wasted the best part of a whole day trying to sort some HD file problems and I'm not spending any more bloody time on it :{


  1. The pond is looking good despite the deluge. Believe it or not the rain seems to have stopped here for the moment and I am having to water my new plantings on the drier south facing side of the garden!

    1. Jill, the only thing I have watered this year is the greenhouse :{

  2. Oh, bother! Would have loved to have played a Hobbit-voiced over Bag End docu-drama on the rain and beastly weather. Hope you and Management can figure out the details. (Note: some of us cannot play HD vids due to sloooow DSL hookups.)

    Honestly, you're having as much rain this summer as we got last year (a record breaker). Even then, though, we had normal temps. You -- not so much. Poor Hobbit. :-(

    1. Kris, even if we had been able to sort the video there would have be no Hobbit narration. We also have a very slow rural internet connection so don't worry about me springing huge files on you :}


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