Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Deck base

Whoo hoo! Another job ticked off the list, major construction on the deck base is finished.  I have lots of painting to do - the whole frame needs a good coat of Hammerite.  Management plans to weld additional horizontal re-bar to the uprights to make a trellis that will be strong enough for wisteria and won't rot in ten years time.

LP has been able to work on the pond edge and things are starting to take shape.


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  2. Hey. What is MY bench doing over there looking smug and just waiting to jump up on the pond deck? Does it think it can escape the heat, the drought and the deer by fleeing? Slacker! Coward! Come back to the front lines and deal with this hellish summer like the rest of us in the States.

  3. If you want your bench back you'll have to come and get it, giggle.


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