Thursday, 16 August 2012

A short bimble to Binsey

Not a lot to say about a 20 minute drive and a very short walk other than " ahhhhhhhhhh".  Even trudging extremely slowly it only took half an hour to reach the lovely summit of Binsey by which time the clouds had obligingly shifted out of the way for a bit to allow a couple of half-decent photo opportunities.

    (click on this one to see it properly)

Even on such a diminutive little fell whilst it was short-sleeves getting out of the car the summit was enjoying 40mph gusts.  I saw a farmer moving sheep when I started out and a chap about to take a gorgeous scruffy Jack Russell for a walk when I returned to the car.  Apart from that - nothing, no-one, just peace and quiet.  Bliss.

Despite the wind I spent quite a bit of time just sitting next to the trig point enjoying the expansive view of the Back o'Skiddaw fells and laying a ghost to rest.  Ollie loved Binsey - gentle grassy track all the way from the car and no need to be on a lead.  I could trust him not to pay the sheep any attention so he could run free for the entire walk.  He always seemed to enjoy the view as well :}  My first trip up Binsey in three years and at first the top did seem lonely when I got there, but I think that's OK now.


  1. Magnificent pic of Ollie at Binsey.

  2. The "firsts" are always the hardest, it'll be easier to go back there now.

  3. It looks beatiful, and now you've been back once, I'm sure you'll be able to bimble up there more often.

  4. Super photos, especially Ollie and the heathery one. Well done! x

  5. What a lovely post and wonderful pics (especially the panoramic shot - I came, I clicked, I gasped). So glad your, albeit brief, walk was not only soothing - but healing as well. I'm sure Ollie was right there every step of the way....

  6. @Dawn, thank you :}

    @Ali, thanks for understanding kiddo, I know you "get it"

    @Sue, it's a gentle little fell but with views which are completely out of proportion to the effort to get there (in fact, the views are stupendous 100 yards from the car, you don't have to go to the top . . . maybe I will get you on a fell side next time you're here!!)

    @Jill, the heather is gorgeous at present, it should still be good when you get here

    @Kris, cheers for that, Ollie's always with me :}


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