Thursday, 5 July 2012

Why does everything take so long?

There's not much to say other than 'thank Crunchy we had a dry day'. In fact, we had a rarity – warmth, a bit of sunshine and virtually no rain, so wonderful to see the sky properly.

Ruddy good job too because setting up the fruit cages took all day and we still hadn't finished by 5.00pm.

As is so often the case whilst we had a firm plan which Management, LP and I had drawn up, once on the ground we found we didn't need four hoops per bed, three was plenty (which is great, lots of materials left over for other projects), but our idea for bracing the top didn't work and we had to come up with a Plan B which, as is also often the case, was better than Plan A! Netting still needs to be fixed in place, and we want to totally redo the strawberry beds, however the crop is just about finished for this year and there are no more flowers to pollinate, so the Enviromesh can stay where it is for now.


  1. Those pics of the veg/fruit beds should be in a magazine. Yay for plan B.

    1. Most complimentary, m'dear - thank you! No magazine articles here, I seem to remember trying to tick the 'no publicity' box :}


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