Saturday, 28 July 2012

Weekend working

The word transformation has been used many times in the past and there is a danger of its over-use, however, Saturday was one of those landmark days when Bag End changes.  All the preparation and planning suddenly comes together and it becomes possible to see the end of a project (even if that end might still be some way off!)

At breakfast time the Big Pond looked like this; large steel frame laying upside down on the grass, a huge collection of empty builders' bags in the middle of the pond, many bags of soil heaped on the edge of a large rubbish-filled hole and no discernible order to any of it.  To be truthful, it all looked pretty messy . .

We drafted in some extra help and moving the frame proved much simpler than I expected.  Luckily, all the pre-dug holes were in the right places :}

If ever we get something resembling hot weather it will be fun to sit on the deck with toes in the water. I made Management test out the seating position, he wasn't terribly impressed!

Things looked a bit better by mid afternoon.  They would have looked better still if we hadn't lost the middle of the day to more rain but we took shelter under the covered area and cut more timber.  There is something lovely about the look of a nearly full log store.

(I may already have said this, but I'm too tired to check so I'll say it again.) When Geoff excavated the pond last autumn I asked for a bowl shape.  I've since decided that was wrong and have been busy putting turf, large stones and other assorted rubbish into the hole to build up deep shelves around the edge.  The plastic bags in the first photo are filled with soil (excavated from the holes dug for the steel frame legs), they're now neatly acting as a buttress for part of a shelf and we're starting to put various bits and pieces in the bottom to protect the liner from stones.  The huge pile of old builders' bags are going to get cut open and the black stuff is the old roof felt from the log store.

Even though the sun came out at one point it was remarkably chilly for the end of July and by supper time it was pouring - again.  This photo isn't out of focus, it's a wall of water lashing onto my study window    The top pond doesn't look much better either.


  1. That will be a great wildlife pond, especially with the shelving at the edges.

  2. Despite the weather, you still seem to be making good progress in the garden. You may not think so, but catching up with the blogs I can see a big change. Sorry to hear you've got the deluges now, our forecast isn't much better for the rest of the week, time to send the jet stream even further north!

  3. DW - thank you, having not made the shelves anything like big enough in the top pond (and not being able to face draining the pond and redoing it!) we're taking a lot of time on this one :}

    SewAli - glad you've been able to have a catch up. Believe it or not, I can see how much progress we've made over the last few months, hope you'll combine a visit to the Spice Club with checking out what we have done.


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