Friday, 13 July 2012

Weather Woes

This summer there is more talk on gardening blogs of the weather than of gardening. I'm fed up with being cold, last night the greenhouse temperature went down to 9 degrees – in July for goodness sake? At the beginning of the month it went down to 7.9.

The tomatoes have finally started growing and the greenhouse looks quite nice right now but I have very little hope of getting much crop. Chilli peppers and aubergines need warmth and a long growing season and everything needs pollinating. With the cold and wet weather bees aren't flying so much, who can blame them. This is going to have far reaching effects on food prices later in the year.

I'm wearing a fleece top more days than a short-sleeved one and whilst I adore sitting in front of the wood-burner, I really don't expect to be lighting it in the middle of summer.

But today the sun is shining and the garden looks lovely – but appearances are deceiving. Weeds are flourishing and the rain is thrashing rose blooms before they've had a change to open fully. I tell myself that the shrubs and perennials are getting a chance to develop stronger roots without being stressed by heat and sunlight but it is little consolation.

     Not everyone's idea of beauty but I love this little overgrown corner, and so does the wildlife.


  1. What's the pretty dark pink flower Bilbo? Been pretty cold and wet here too. Hot water bottle weather!!!

  2. Sorry Jill, I normally do label things :}

    From the top: Clematis Pillu, Astrantia (not sure which one), Opium Poppy (which appeared form no-where, not sure if the seeds were in the ground or given to me and I scattered them in a moment of madness) and a giant cow Parlsey/Hogweed type native that is as tall as me!


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