Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Tidying Up

The last four days have been occupied with tidying up (when the rain has allowed us to be outside).  A major tidy up, one to fulfil type A, obsessive compulsive tendencies. The cause of this activity was a visit on Tuesday afternoon from a couple of lovely people who just happen to be extremely knowledgeable and experienced gardeners. Hobbit has to admit there was a huge desire to make Bag End look as good as it possibly could, not exactly showing off but certainly trying to show the place at its best.

    David Austin Rose, Generous Gardener

     Clematis Etoile Violette

   Papaver somniferum, no idea where this one came from :}

I worked hard, LP worked tirelessly, the weather co-operated Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and after a damp few hours on Tuesday morning I finally said “OK, what's done is done, the rest can go hang”.

   Geranium pratense

     Astrantia, possibly Buckland

  Astrantia, possibly Major lars

Our guests spent hours wandering around, were very complimentary, asked just the right questions and loved the garden. I didn't expect a professional gardener to say my compost making was far more successful than his and to ask detailed questions about what we put in the heaps and how we turned rubbish into black gold but he did.

  Clematis Piilu

And now I am tired, thoroughly, deeply bone tired. I need a rest.

Clematis Hagley Hybrid

Eryngium bourgatti

  seed-head, Clematis Nelly Moser

Astilbe, erica


  1. Replies
    1. Not much of a drinker I'm afraid. Think there may have been a large and restorative cuppa!

    2. Actually, I meant a toddy for ME! Your drive and achievement leave me breathless sometimes and feel the need for a restorative. :-P

  2. Lovely photo - I'm not surprised that your vistor was impressed.

  3. Stunning pics Bilbo!

    There is a rose in my garden, flowering at the moment, and I have no recollection of either buying or planting it!

  4. Sue and Jill, thank you for leaving a comment, sorry it has taken me so long to acknowledge :{


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