Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Not getting any better

Rain overnight – again.
Rain in the morning – again
Rain forecast for everyday this week – again.

Oh, I said this yesterday. Trouble is, it's still true today. The forecast which greeted me early this morning was depressing to say the least. LP turned up anyway to try and get at least one day's work this week. He shredded all the debris from our weekend 'pruning' and topped up the blackbird playground which is the bark path.

With new posts and a mish-mash of pallets and old fence panels we enclosed two sides of the space and now have somewhere far more accessible to tip pony poo that does not require me to lift heavy buckets of wet manure. No-one will be surprised to hear that 'temporary' is becoming something of an elastic descriptor at Bag End.  I am already cooking up ideas to divide this space into at least three bays and I can see muck being deposited here for quite some time to come.

Despite constant drizzle, and sometimes heavier showers, we moved onto the potager. It's not a good year for soft fruit. Strawberries are rotting on the plants because they are constantly soaked and those which do ripen are nice, but lack the depth of flavour that comes from fruit freshly picked and eaten whilst warm from the sun.

Even so, the blackbirds are keen to try and eat as much as possible and netting is a necessity. We didn't manage to finish but before giving up for the day LP lined up all the uprights which were cut a couple of weeks ago, fitted the hoops and we spent a while working out how we were going to fix horizontal bracing supports and the netting. Regardless of tomorrow's weather LP insisted he'd be back in the morning to get the job finished even if we did end up soaked.


  1. Goodness! That space is far larger than it looked from the original pictures. You can stash a LOT of compostable material there. And tidy to boot. Too bad about the berries. With so much rain they never had a chance to concentrate the flavor. But they do look scrumptious. Enjoy.

    1. Oh now see.... I thought this was a current post, but looking at the weather pic, I see it is for July 4th. Good grief. I can only imagine what's gone on since then!

    2. Sorry Kris, I am back to doing my "blog-lag" thing of posting entries which are dated when the activity happened, not the date I publish.

      That compost area is about 15 x 12 foot and has been quite a success so far. It doesn't bother us that visitors have to walk past it and if it bothers the visitors then they're the wrong people in the wrong place :}

    3. Oh, you're right about that. The 'right' visitors WILL stop - to admire and comment.

      15x12? I'm beginning to believe you are gardening in some kind of Tardis garden. For a half-acre, you've got more space, garden rooms, shelters, paths, work areas, water features and the like than any 'normal' half acre could possibly contain. Just down right mysterious!

    4. Hi Kris, I thought you knew this wasn't just ANY garden, it is a Time And Relative Dimension In Space Garden . . . . .

      As for how we really fit it all in, scroll down the right-hand sidebar to the 'Pages' section and click on Navigation. It's roughly to scale (and will enlarge when clicked on).

    5. PS: yes, I've just seen it is months out of date. Will add 'update map' to my List!


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